Associate Professor at Foro Italico University (Rome), member of the Strategic Commission of the University of Rome Foundation and teacher of courses organised by several Italian universities, Michele Uva has devoted his entire career to sports in various contexts, disciplines and environments. He has held managerial positions in sports organisations such as the Italian Football Association (FIGC), the National Olympic Committee (CONI) and high-level football, basketball and volleyball clubs, as well as consulting positions, especially for the definition of business plans dedicated to sport. After serving as Head of the Study and Research, Special Initiatives and Corporate Social Responsibility Division of FIGC and General Manager of CONI Servizi S.p.A., he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Football Association in 2014. In 2017, he was also elected as member of the UEFA Executive Committee. He has also been named one of the three members of the UEFA Executive Committee to deal with managing the Finance Committee, and Chairman of the Club Licensing Committee and Deputy Chairman of the National Team Competitions Committee. He eventually joined the Board of the UEFA/ECA Mixed Company, which runs the business development for club competitions. During his career, he has received numerous awards, including a Bronze Star for Sporting Merit 2015, the “Special Recognition” in the Maestrelli trophy, the USSI Prize and “Maurizio Maestrelli” Prize.
He is author of the books: “La Ripartenza – Analisi e proposte per restituire competitività all’industria del calcio in Italia” – Ed. 2010, written with Gianfranco Teotino, edited by Il Mulino-AREL; “Viaggio nello sport italiano” – Ed. 2011, written with Marco Vitale, edited by ESD Bologna; “Il Calcio ai tempi dello spread” – Ed. 2012, written with Gianfranco Teotino, edited by Il Mulino – AREL; “Viaggio nello sport italiano” – Ed. 2013 ICS Roma; “Il Calcio Conta” – Ed. 2014, written with Niccolò Donna and Gianfranco Teotino, edited by BUR and Rai Eri.