Mission & goals

The acquisition of cultural, technical and project/managerial competences defines highly specialized professionals capable of entering the international labour market.

This Master aims to prepare highly specialised professionals capable of operating with success in the field of design, programming, planning, construction and management of sports infrastructures, according to transversal and multidisciplinary logics and competences, in line with the recent provisions of law.

The educational path enables to acquire all the technical and managerial competences necessary for a highly specialised professional figure to easily enter the many economic-productive, institutional and professional sectors connected with the macro-sector of sports infrastructures.

Professional objectives

Main job opportunities:

  • architecture and engineering studios
  • international and national engineering companies
  • professional and semi-professional sports companies
  • sports governing bodies (Federations, Leagues, and in general all the local, national and supranational Governances) at European, regional and local level
  • Public Administrations and Local Bodies
  • construction enterprises and real estate companies
  • enterprises providing services for sports, wellbeing and entertainment
  • certification bodies for quality management systems
  • structures qualified to realize architecture and engineering projects, from the programming phase to the management of the lifecycle of infrastructures

The professional figures trained in the Master will be prepared to enter the realities subject to the main transformation dynamics of national and international contemporary contexts.

The main figures and actors involved in the design, construction and management process must acquire a consistent and up-to-date preparation to address a new planning, realization and management of future sport facilities.